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Medical Professionals

Most medical professionals are experiencing increased operating costs and a reduction in insurance reimbursements. This combination has a financial strain on the ability to grow a medical practice. MFG can help change this trend by purchasing your receivable for patients injured in accidents.

We understand these cases take months and years to settle. Medical Financial Group monetizes these receivables and pays you directly with immediate cash. It is the easiest and most cost effective way to turn your asset into available working capital.

Because of the speculative nature of collecting payment, many providers turn away personal injury victims despite their best intentions. By partnering with MFG, physicians, surgical centers, and hospitals no longer have to turn away uninsured patients for financial reasons

Contact us today and let Medical Financial Group show you how to strengthen your medical practice balance sheet.


Advantages for Medical Professionals

• Quickly turn accounts receivable into cash and improve your cash flow

• Provide immediate working capital to the practice for growth opportunities

• Expand your patient base and increase revenue

• Reduce operating cost and the hassle of working through the settlement process which can take years

• No minimum volume commitment or maximum billing amounts