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Welcome To Medical Financial Group (MFG)!

Medical Financial Group (MFG) specializes in the purchase of medical liens and Letters of Protection (LOP), specifically personal injury cases from physicians, surgery centers and hospitals. We also provide cash advances directly to the injured party to cover immediate financial needs.

MFG monetizes lien based accounts receivable and provides enhanced cash flow to the medical provider. Providers benefit from our experience handling receivable communication, collection and case management. MFG employs a highly skilled team with finance, business, and legal experience. MFG eliminates the risk of unknown settlements and the administrative burden of monitoring and collecting lien receivables.

We offer healthcare providers an advantage by minimizing the risk and payment delays associated with treating uninsured, underinsured patients with personal injury claims. Unlike other funding firms, we will not leave you stranded in a complex storm of administrative requests after the treatment is rendered and the patient’s account is purchased. MFG alleviates the financial, legal and administrative burdens associated with treating patients with litigation-related injuries. Call us today to learn how Medical Financial Group can help improve the cash flow of your practice.

Benefits of Using Medical Financial Group:

We facilitate the financial process for clients needing access to pharmaceuticals, MRIs, CT Scans, EMGs, orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, physicians, pain management specialists, surgical centers and hospitals. There are no finance charges, credit checks, minimum required volumes or maximum billing amounts and the physician remains in complete control of the patients care at all times. The underwriting and case review process takes approximately 48 hours. Let us help your clients or patients get the necessary surgery, pain management, pharmaceuticals, even dental work immediately with industry’s best physicians.

MFG not only relieves the financial burden of the medical professional, it also gives victims of personal injury cases a better chance of getting the exceptional medical care they need. Only MFG can offer patients a complete range of financing solutions, from lien-based healthcare funding to settlement advance cash financing. Medical funding has no up front cost; no deductibles, no co- pays, and no finance charges.

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